How does the algorithm actually work? Good question. It began to arise more and more often from the moment Instagram refused the chronological order in the search results.

Recently, Instagram experts finally revealed the cards and destroyed a bunch of rumors and theories about how the algorithms actually work.

In this article we will tell everything that we know about the algorithm from trusted sources. We at Marketinc translated a bunch of stuff and got really tired of this article. I hope appreciate our efforts like. For more information about instagrams, see the link best instagram auto liker app.

How the Instagram feed algorithm works in 2020

According to Instagram experts, there are 6 factors that affect the order in which content is displayed in the stream:

  1. User interest in content
  2. User relationship with content creator
  3. Relevance
  4. Frequency of application opening by user
  5. The number of user subscriptions
  6. User activity on the platform

It is important to note that the algorithm is constantly changing. We will go as detailed as possible on each of the points, but first you need to dispel a couple of popular myths.

In January 2020, Instagram launched a series of storys from the @creators account in which it destroyed the most popular myths related to the platform. We highly recommend subscribing after reading the article.

We formatted the data in a small infographic for ease of perception:

For example, you might think that Instagram releases a new version of the algorithm every week, or every month. But this is not so.

Instagram algorithms work on machine learning, analyze huge amounts of data every day and respond to changing user behavior.

So, let’s go through the points:

1. Instagram predicts how interesting it will be for each user
Instagram feed doesn’t just give you random posts from the accounts you follow. She takes into account your interests.

The more confident the algorithm is that you will like the post you are offered, the more likely it is to show it to you.

This confidence arises based on your pattern of action on the platform. If you like, comment and save every post of Olga Buzova, then after a while her posts will always be the first in your feed.

The platform also pays special attention to the posts of those whom you noted in your posts and stories, whose live shows you are on and whose stories you actively respond and react to.

What metrics are most important for the algorithm?

With what Instagram content shows we figured out. But how does he determine the order of posts in your feed?

As Instagram itself tells us, the order of posts in the feed is affected by Engagement metrics. The most important metrics are comments, likes, resolvers and views (for video).

2. Instagram suggests what kind of relationship you have with each of the subscribers.
Instagram shows the posts of your family members and your friends in priority order.

For example, if you comment on each user’s post or the user often notes you in his posts, he may fall into the category “Friends & Family”

Thomas Dimson, an Instagram developer, told how the platform can determine which users are most interesting to you.

  • The users you like (including story and live)
  • Those you chat with in DM
  • Users you often search for
  • People you know in real life

This information makes it clear that your Instagram behavior is the most important factor in the algorithm. For example, you most likely noticed that after you just signed up for a user account, its content is pretty high in the feed. But if you are not active, you are signaling to the platform that you are no longer interested in this content.

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